Letter: What motivated MBI to drop its bomb?

What motivated MBI to drop its bomb?

To the editor:

The projected WiredWest broadband project's financial, ownership and management structure, including the incorporation of individual town electric companies, has been clear and pretty much set since the beginning. All the WiredWest planning, towns' consideration and actions, and official and citizen voting have been based on the original outlines of that structure. Presumably there were also many meetings with the MBI during that time.

Now, after huge effort on the part of the towns and volunteer board members, we "westerners" have fulfilled our part of the plan. But, just as we should be implementing it, MBI says "time out, we don't like your plan." It stood by for over five years and let us work our hearts out and spend money based on a widely understood plan, only to tell us it doesn't like it. How can this possibly be? It is as though MBI was betting we would not succeed in signing up people and approving tax increases for the bonds, and then when we do succeed, it drops the bomb.

Could it be that MBI does not want broadband to come out here at all? Otherwise, why wouldn't it have worked with the WiredWest board to restructure long ago?

I am encouraging our state representatives and senators to look into this important matter. The MBI either has an unstated agenda or is incompetent to wait so long to demand an expensive and inefficient restructure involving many individual town entities and to undo all the town votes, planning, and outreach. Please contact our representatives in Boston and the governor and request their help. We have waited long enough.

Janine Reid, West Stockbridge


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