Letter: What world will we leave our kids?


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

When are we, as individuals, as a country, going to wake up?! We see the reality of climate change occurring around us, across the country, around the world: massive mudslides and flooding, devastating tornadoes and hurricanes, prolonged drought conditions, melting glaciers, scorching heat waves. All with costs beyond dollars, costs far beyond our imagination.

We know we have destabilized the fragile balance of our environment through our actions. We had an opportunity given to us to conserve and to protect our environment starting with President Nixon setting a foundation for modern environmental regulations and President Carter leading the way toward energy efficiency. Yet politically, while some strides have been made, we have walked far away from the necessary conservation and necessary implementation of all available clean, renewable, safe technologies. We are fossil-fueling our way into uncharted territory.

Our elected officials are far too silent, for this is probably the greatest challenge man has ever faced. We the people need to lead by joining together, voicing our concerns loudly and clearly to all of our elected officials. This should never be a partisan issue. We all are affected: Republican, Libertarian, Democrat, Independent, individuals, families, communities, corporations. All we have is right now to act.

What lesson are we teaching our children through inaction? What world will we leave them?




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