Letter: What would Lincoln have thought of vile GOP convention?

Angry GOP convention would have dismayed Abe

To the editor:

Watching the events unfold in Cleveland this past week, I expected the worst but never dreamed of how low the speakers would go with the obvious endorsement of the RNC and its nominee for president: Donald J. Trump.

It was shocking enough when the mother of a slain American in Benghazi accused Hillary Clinton of actually murdering her son and then a parade of parents (interestingly enough one was an African-American) who again blamed the deaths of their loved ones, not on the illegal immigrants who committed the deed, but on Hillary Clinton, the thinking being they wouldn't even be in our country were it not for Clinton.

The crowd, whipped up in a fury, agreed with chants of "Lock her up." I thought I had seen the worst until further recommendations of putting her before a firing squad and stringing her up on the Mall. "Stringing her up"? Sounds pretty much like a public lynching to me.

What were they thinking? Did any of them visualize those horrific pictures in our past history? And this is the party of Abraham Lincoln, who signed the Emancipation Proclamation. Does the expression, "turning in his grave," come to mind?

Michael Symons, Great Barrington


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