Letter: When will Congress act to protect us?

When will Congress act to protect us?

To the editor:

When is enough, enough?

Another mass shooting, 50 innocent people dead, many more people wounded. Gunned down by another madman with a handgun and an AR-15 assault rifle. How many people have to die before the spineless politicians do something concerning gun control?

Not one of us can go anywhere without always looking over our shoulders, scanning for trouble that could possibly be there. A church, a mall, a movie theater, a supermarket, all places that could harbor another potential disaster. Not one us can go anywhere without formulating an escape plan in the face of a possible spray of bullets.

An assault rifle has only one purpose — to kill people. It needs to be banned from the general public. The politicians can't even utter the word "ban." They are allowing us to be massacred in the name of votes and profits.

I'm tired of looking over my shoulder. Congress, please help us to be safe, please. When is enough, enough?

David Blanchette, Clarksburg


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