Letter: White House fuels impeachment talk


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

I see The Eagle taking its cue from the White House on Sunday’s editorial page with the impeachment mania editorial and accompanying Toles cartoon.

There is no impeachment talk from Republican leadership or even the major talk show hosts. This "mania" is coming straight out of the White House because everything domestic or foreign they’ve touched has gone wrong. But incompetence is not an impeachable offense. The GOP knows that. The only ones calling for impeachment are the bumper-sticker people and Sarah Palin.

The president should be eternally grateful for Sarah Palin. In 2008 the Republican candidate for president was Sen. John McCain. McCain was a war hero with command experience, a two-term congressman and three-term senator.

Barack Obama was a one-term senator and community organizer. The Republicans could have pounded experience, experience, experience. Instead the GOP put the hayseed Palin on the ticket and negated that argument. Forget Sarah Palin.

Sunday’s editorial was company script to win sympathy for Dear Leader who is falling apart in the polls. The danger is he is going to take some Democrats down with him in the next election. The Republicans do not want to Impeach Barack Obama. They can’t anyway. He has iron-clad impeachment insurance. It’s called Joe Biden.




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