Letter: Who is Dick Cheney to criticize?


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

To Dick Cheney -- I read your opinion of President Obama on June 8 in the Wall Street Journal. You stated "rarely has a president been so wrong about so much at the expense of so many." Have you forgotten that you and your buddy former President Bush claimed there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. You invaded Iraq and found no weapons. Instead you created terrorists of mass destruction. Do you think what you did was right?

Mr. Cheney, if you had listened to your buddy’s father, 4,800 soldiers would be alive today, and many more would not have been wounded. Think a little before you open your mouth. President Obama is still fixing up the mess you and your Republican Party created in Iraq and Afghanistan.

On May 12, the editor of the Wall Street Journal stated in "Obama power lament" that President Obama as commander-in-chief has done nothing in regard to Syria sand Nigeria. Mr. Editor. Have you forgotten that the commander-in-chief who did something put us into two wars?

Mr. Editor and Mr. Cheney should remember that you cannot export democracy.

President Obama is the symbol of what America stands for.




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