Letter: Why I like Mike

Why I like Mike

To the editor:

I want to tell you why I'm voting for Michael Bloomberg for state representative.

I've known several of Mike's friends and members of his family for years, but before this election I hadn't met Mike. Not long after he announced he was running, he sought me out and we met for lunch at Teddy's Pizza. I was impressed by his vast knowledge on every issue relevant to the city of Pittsfield and the state of Massachusetts that I asked about, as well as his knowledge of national issues.

When I asked him about dealing with poverty in Pittsfield, I was surprised by how easily he was able to provide statistics and reference studies, then describe how he used that information, along with input from people who deal with poverty daily, to formulate concrete plans to improve our community. I soon learned that he was as equally diligent with every issue. Still, while I left our meeting impressed, I knew how involved Rep. Farley-Bouvier has been in the community and I was still conflicted on who to support.

As a few weeks passed I noticed that no matter how late it was, there was always a light on in Mike's campaign headquarters. He was always in there working, often as late as 11 p.m. Once, after midnight and while on an emergency grocery run, I saw him in the office, still working, still educating himself on the issues. I realized then that he was my guy and in every conversation since I have only come away more impressed at the depth of his knowledge and commitment to improving the lives of all of Pittsfield's residents. He even read the entire Consent Decree to make sure he was as well informed on every issue as possible!

Mike's campaign has typified a grassroots effort; you will often see him around town, riding his bike and knocking on doors. He doesn't just listen to the concerns of residents, he will ask what they think about his suggestions and when he discovers new information from them, he updates his ideas. When he learns of a new problem, he throws himself into finding a solution with incredible energy and studies to make sure he understands every angle. That's what we need in Boston and that's why I'm voting for Mike.

Dan Johnson, Pittsfield


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