Letter: Why I will be voting for Mike Bloomberg

Why I will be voting for Mike Bloomberg

To the editor:

I am a young, biracial, single mother struggling to get by. I was raised by a single mother who struggled to get by as well. I've never lived on the nice side of town or had any of the nice things that kids with two parents had. My mother raised me to be proud of who I am and what I accomplish. My family has always worked hard for what we have, no matter how little it may be.

I was never interested in politics until I heard Bernie Sanders' speech on single mothers being heroines and his not understanding how we do it. Since then I have campaigned for ward councilors, our mayor and even Bernie himself. With my new-found love of politics, I was able to re-spark the love of Pittsfield I had as a child.

When I met Mike Bloomberg, I found someone who shares my passion for Pittsfield and who speaks positively of our city. I love walking around my neighborhood with Mike because he doesn't see it for what it once was, in "the glory days," nor does he see it in a negative light as many do today. He sees my neighborhood like he sees Pittsfield, for what it can be. It's a vision and an energy this city desperately needs.

We may have grown up on different sides of town, but we both know what it's like to be raised by a single mother who worked more than one job. I see that work ethic in him every morning when he is first to the office, every afternoon as he knocks on doors for hours on end, and every night as he works well past midnight, trying to make our home a better place for me to raise my son.

We need a state representative like Mike Bloomberg, who can relate to the younger and older generations. We need a new perspective and new energy representing us in Boston.

Please get out your vote on Thursday, Sept. 8 and please vote for Mike Bloomberg in the Democratic primary!

Nycole Gallagher, Pittsfield


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