Letter: Will Sanders do right by party and himself?

Will Sanders do right by party and himself?

To the editor:

At next month's Democratic convention, the elephant in the room will not be Donald Trump. It will be Bernie Sanders.

The man who inspired hoards of young, impressionable, idealistic, but impractical acolytes will definitely wield power. How much is the question.

It seems as if this Johnny-come-lately Democrat wants to change the party and force it to succumb to his demands. What's on everyone's mind is how much does he want and what will his reaction be when he doesn't get it all? Will he become the Ralph Nader of 2016 and derail the hopes of the one candidate that he is most philosophically aligned with for his own egotistical purposes, or will he realize that Hillary Clinton is his only hope of achieving any of his goals?

Politically, the deal is an easy one: Bernie steps out of the way, vigorously supports Clinton and receives a plush committee chairmanship so that he can advance his agenda. This, of course, assumes that a Clinton victory brings the Senate with her. If he doesn't, he gets nothing no matter who wins, becomes a political pariah, and emerges as a permanent fixture on the country's landscape as a Ben and Jerry's flavor, perhaps Berned almond.

Sanders should remember that, no matter which way you add the numbers, he lost the delegate race. However, he could still be a champion for his cause if he accepts a partial victory rather than chancing a complete loss.

I hope he's smarter than that. If he isn't, perhaps he's as self-centered as the candidate of the party of the elephant.

Elliot Slotnick, Becket


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