Letter: Williamstown should learn from Adams' mistake

W'town should learn from Adams' mistake

To the editor:

I am writing to express support for the proposed Inn at the Waubeeka Golf Links in Williamstown.

It seems that, within reason, construction of an inn would be appropriate in this location. Clearly the property is not economically viable as it is and may likely fail or be sold again. You have a local business person with an intent to keep the place open, who wishes to promote tourism, while continuing to expand upon the local tax and job base.

As a resident of Adams, I would welcome this opportunity and urge the residents to become knowledgeable about the issue and to vote to work with the team, as opposed to against them, to ensure a successful outcome for all. I have to believe there are many other options for this site, and this one may potentially be, in the end, the most desirable for the residents of South Williamstown.

We in Adams once had a similar opportunity with the development of the Greylock Glen and look what that site has become. Don't make the same mistakes.

Jay Sniezek, Adams


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