Letter: Wind foes may cost Peru dearly


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

If the town of Peru passes a moratorium to stop the proposed wind project, who will replace the lost $3 million in tax revenues? And who will pay the cost of legal fees when the town is sued by the developer? The answer is us, the taxpayers of Peru.

I have been to the informational meetings here in town and have felt intimidated by the same wind opponents. Therefore, I have not spoken up at these meetings.

At the last one I attended, a wind opponent asked "Who in the room was for wind turbines and would be able to see them?" and when some people raised their hands they were called a vulgar name by this person. There were children in the room. Is this the adult behavior they should see?

The wind opponents have given out numerous informational sheets, one that says "vote yes for the moratorium if you want to power your own home with a wind turbine." That statement is untrue because the moratorium includes all wind energy including residential wind energy, this is just a sample of the of the misinformation being given by the wind opponents. We are going to be at the same crossroads in two years over the same subject and it’s going to cost us more money and time, not only are the wind opponents blocking needed revenue for Peru, they are costing the town money and we pay the bill.

Who is paying for the town wind studies during the two-year moratorium? We are. Unless you want to reach into your own pockets and pay the town an additional hundreds of dollars in taxes each year for 20 years, please vote NO on Monday at the Peru Special Town Meeting.




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