Letter: With Trump, nuclear fears are re-emerging

With Trump, nuclear fears are re-emerging

To the editor:

When I was in the first grade it was during the Cold War, a time when the United States and the Soviet Union would engage in constant saber rattling. Those sabers being nuclear missiles.

Six years before the Cuban Missile Crisis we 6-year-olds were instructed in what to do if the two countries went to war. Pretty scary for kids who just wanted to be kids. Fortunately, when the missile crises did occur, cooler heads prevailed. President John Kennedy and Premier Nikita Khrushchev, through direct negotiation, calmed the situation and nuclear war was avoided. From 1963 through early 2016, the nuclear threat diminished in importance as the threat diminished.

Now, three different news publications, the latest being CNN, are reporting on the process that has to be followed to launch a nuclear attack. Why?

The reality is that the Republican Party had nominated an unstable, maniacal, immature, self-proclaimed demagogue as their presidential nominee. A man who on more than one occasion has implied that nuclear weapons are a valid response to an attack on America. A self-proclaimed genius with no knowledge of what the terms "nuclear fallout," "radiation poisoning" and "nuclear winter" mean.

In 1964, the Republicans nominated the like-minded Barry Goldwater. Fortunately for my generation and all the generations that came after, Goldwater was defeated.

So before you go to the poles in November, look at your children and grandchildren and ask yourself, "Do I want them instructed in what to do when nuclear missiles are launched?"

David Nadeau, Pittsfield


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