Letter: Wrong about New Yorkers' affection for Trump

Wrong on New Yorkers' affection for Trump

To the editor:

I am surprised and very disappointed that Alan Chartock has confused style of presentation with content of speech. "New Yorkers like brash characters — like Trump," I Publius, Jan. 9.)

In the first place, most New Yorkers are not brash and do not admire it in others. More importantly, the content of Trump's speeches is odious to everyone I know, including the Republican supporters of Anyone-Except-Trump or Cruz.

Trump's views are the antithesis of what makes New York great. We are proud of the many schools which have 15 home languages in a single first grade class. This is how America has always been formed.

The fact that this very rich egomaniac has plastered his name all over Central Park landmarks and a wall of buildings along the Hudson River has won him little admiration here. We recognize demagogues in all forms. New Yorkers still skate in "Wollman Rink" and residents in those monster buildings along the Hudson give only street addresses — never building names.

If Alan Charlock thinks that the bulk of New Yorkers like anything at all about the content of Trump's speeches, then he has been away too long.

Virginia Elvin, New York City Tyringham


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