Letter: Yes to gun column, no to gun ad


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

I found it rather disheartening and contradictory reading The Eagle on Thursday. In it was an op-ed column by Joe Nocera of the New York Times discussing the misguided interpretations of the Second Amendment by the gun crowd, especially taking into consideration the recent shootings by Elliot Rodger.

I was shocked to find a full page ad further in the edition from a "Sporting Goods" vendor promoting that it was the "Largest gun shop in Western Massachusetts." Some would say that it was simply an advertisement and the paper was only making business. I would say it was a poorly timed and poorly judged decision by the management of The Berkshire Eagle. It would not be bad business to have a policy of not accepting certain forms of advertisement. In fact I'm rather certain the Eagle does have a policy when it comes to other types of products and services. Why not gun promotion? Especially in the days following another mass shooting.

And perhaps everyone should be required to read Nocera's column for some enlightenment on the subject of guns.




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