Letters: Books too costly for college students


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

College students spend more and more money on textbooks that are constantly being "changed’’ on a year-to-year basis. As a student at MCLA, I have personally spent well over $1,500 on textbooks, many of which we don’t even open.

As a student who pays her own bill for college, without the help of parents, I find that a little outrageous. On top of my $22,000 bill that I have to pay, spending $400 or so each semester on books is a little out of my budget. Many of my classmates and I have been forced, because of our lack of money, to spend a semester without the required text, causing us to fall behind and barely pass that class.

Many professors at other colleges have opted to use open source textbooks that cost at an average of $30 for the print version. If a 100-person class switched to open source textbooks it could save students $10,000, money that can be put into more school programs or the community surrounding the schools. As a student who was put in the position of paying for college by myself, buying all my textbooks myself, saving that type of money would help substantially.

I encourage, as a struggling college student, colleges to make the switch from expensive textbooks to affordable open source textbooks.


North Adams


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