Letters: Democratic Party favors wealthy


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

This newspaper routinely suggests that somehow Republicans always favor the rich, as in a recent cartoon and in many columns and letters. This is utter fiction. The three richest men in America -- Bill Gates, Warren Buffett and Larry Ellison -- support the Obama agenda. Mega-billionaires Michael Bloomberg ($31 billion fortune) and George Soros ($20 billion) embrace Obama. The two biggest figures on Wall Street, Lloyd Blankfein and Jamie Dimon, support Obama. Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook loves Obama.

Most of these billionaires are dedicated Democrats and friends of Bill Clinton and Obama. A large majority of the top 1 percent across America lives in places like San Francisco, Chicago, Seattle and Follywood where there is hardly a "wealthy Republican" in sight. Mitt Romney’s net worth ($270 million) is only about 1.3 percent of the net worth of Soros, who is a radical socialist. Yet Romney was disparaged as a "rich Republican."

Most of the rich people in Berkshire County on any given weekend in the summer voted for Obama. Almost all of the richest congressional districts in America are represented by very liberal Democrats like Nancy Pelosi. The ultra-liberal New York Times is chock full of advertisements for super-expensive apartments, cars, clothes, artworks etc.

So if you oppose policies that favor only wealthy people then you should oppose Obama and the Democrats. Meanwhile Republican Charlie Baker will make a great governor for Massachusetts because he will stop catering to the rich and make decisions that favor the rest of us.




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