Liberal assault on guns, Constitution

Thursday January 24, 2013

All you gun owners and believers in the Second Amendment out there who were cajoled into believing that Obama didn’t have a gun control agenda up his sleeve for his second term, how do you feel about him now? Why didn’t he bring this up during his re-election campaign? Don’t think for one second that what he and his anti-gun VP Biden just did is the end of it because it isn’t.

Obama Monday took the presidential oath for the second time to "preserve, protect and defend" the Constitution of the United States, of which the Second Amendment is a part. How could he take that oath in good conscience? I wish he and his cronies would move as fast and take action on the other lingering problems in our country as they did on his gun control agenda.

The sad part is that in my opinion most of the changes and restrictions that are in process will do little to prevent what happened at Newtown. The cause of our violent modern culture goes much deeper.

The liberal governor of our neighboring state to the west, Andrew Cuomo, had to lead the charge on getting some kind of feel-good legislation enacted so as to lay some early ground work for his well-known ambition to run for president. Some of what he did will have no impact on reducing gun violence, such as reducing bullet magazines from 10 rounds to seven. I’m sure all of the well-armed gang members and criminals in New York City will run to the authorities and turn in their magazines and clips that are over the seven-round limit.

One of the most disturbing proposals which I believe originated in good old liberal, anti-gun Massachusetts is that of requiring gun owners to purchase liability insurance. The present Massachusetts gun laws have a provision that all firearms kept in a home must be in a secure, locked container. Unless there is probable cause, the police cannot enter your residence to check on this requirement or anything else. But under this proposal, the insurance company can if you want them to issue you a policy! This proposal is ripe for abuse and would be a serious infringement on personal rights, also protected under the Constitution. Our newly minted senator, Elizabeth Warren, thinks this is a worthy idea.

These are all examples of how law-abiding citizens can be turned into criminals because of the unconstitutional actions of misguided politicians.

The NRA is not the bad guy here. Although I don’t support everything it says I firmly believe that if it were not for its vigilance over the last 100 years or so our Second Amendment rights would have been trampled into the dust.




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