Making good use of cellphones

Tuesday September 11, 2012

In regards to the letter by Jeff Hunt ("Ban student use of cellphones" Eagle, Aug. 31), I’d have to completely disagree with the statements and suggestions. There shouldn’t be a way to block access to cellphones that students bring to school. For one, teachers/faculty bring their cellphones to school. What are they supposed to do when they can’t access their phones?

Also, of course students are going to use their phones before and between classes and during lunch, it doesn’t do any harm and they like to stay updated on things. My personal opinion about cellphones in school would be, don’t try to put a block up.

Technology is a wonderful and powerful thing. Students don’t just walk around aimlessly with their "noses in these devices" not even knowing what’s going on in the world. They don’t use them for just texting either, they’re much more useful. For example, when you need to find information or a definition or something else, you can use your phone; it’s much quicker than looking in a book. I think many others would agree with my statements.




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