Markey bill targets seafood fraud


BOSTON (AP) -- Massachusetts Congressman Ed Markey introduced revised legislation Wednesday intended to fight the widespread mislabeling of seafood.

Markey filed the bill in response to studies on seafood fraud, including a report by the environmental group Oceana that found a third of 1,215 fish samples it collected from 674 retail outlets were mislabeled.

"Fish fraud is a national problem that needs a national solution," Markey said in a statement. "From tackle to table, this bill makes the entire seafood supply chain more transparent and trustworthy."

The bill aims to ensure that information about domestic and imported fish -- such as its species and where and how it was caught -- follow the fish from boat to market.

It also seeks to establish civil penalties for violators and strengthen the ability of federal regulators to stop fraudulent seafood shipments from entering the country.

Markey introduced similar legislation last year, but the bill went nowhere. It has the same five co-sponsors this year, three Democrats and two Republicans.


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