Mary's Mother's Day warning

Saturday May 11, 2013

We should include the honoring of the Blessed Virgin Mary, our spiritual Mother, during the month of May, like we Catholics do.

When was the last time you said, "Happy Mother’s Day" to Mary? Why do we neglect her, but honor our own mothers? Why don’t we say the Rosary? Our Lady said, "All generations shall call me blessed" (Lk 1:48). Why is it then only Catholics call her blessed every time we say a "Hail, Mary?" She has appeared numerous times to warn her children. Her theme is prayer, penance and repentance. From Fatima, Lourdes, Mexico City (Guadalupe), Kibeho, etc., her plea is for us to obey Jesus Christ, but we continue to do our own will and not His.

At Fatima, she revealed that souls are "dropping into Hell like snowflakes" over sins of the flesh. She also revealed that unless Russia was converted, a great world war would break out, and it did (World War II). In Rwanda she appeared at Kibeho and warned of the impending genocide, and it happened! Our Lady of Guadalupe’s message to the Aztecs was to stop worshipping false gods, and instead worship Jesus Christ; to stop sacrificing children to the sun god, as they were doing. But we have not listened.

We are still sacrificing our children via abortion! Her children today have turned their backs on her. Many men falsely think it’s not cool to pray to Mary or say the Rosary. Look at the results: men have become cowards! Isn’t that why abortion is still legal? It’s man’s nature to be the protector, so where are the men in the fight to end abortion?

Why don’t men speak out and condemn homosexual "marriage" instead of glorifying a homosexual NBA player for his "courage." Courage? Are you serious? Courage means standing up for the truth, Jesus Christ. It means the willingness to sacrifice for the sake of righteousness, regardless of persecution (Mt 5:10), not glorifying sin!

And many females today have chosen immodesty over purity, against the warning of Our Lady of Fatima, who warned about immodest fashions that would occur. Look at the evil fruit this all has produced: abortion, porn, contraception, etc. Jesus says, cowards will not inherit the Kingdom of Heaven (Rev 21:8).

I thank Jesus and Mother Mary for the warnings. This one goes out to you, Mary. I love you, and Happy Mother’s Day!




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