Mayor good for Ward 2 and city

Saturday January 12, 2013

I feel that I need to address the Jan. 6 article written by Eagle reporter Dick Lindsay regarding Mayor Bianchi’s first year in office.

Mr. Lindsay and I sat down and talked for about 40 minutes. Being a first-term city councilor and having the chance to work with this new administration, I offered my remarks when posed a question by Mr. Lindsay, and when this article appeared in The Eagle my comments went unpublished, but I would like to share some of my views.

On top of the list has been the mayor’s willingness to have an open form of government. Any time I need to see the mayor he has always been accessible to have a conversation with and to listen to what I have to say, whether to agree or disagree. His open approach has led to the reaching out in the neighborhoods by making himself very active and approachable throughout the city. I have been at several events in my ward and across the city, and Mayor Bianchi has attended these same events and made himself available when needed.

This mayor has engaged the public by encouraging residents to get involved in city government, and many have stepped forward to volunteer and serve on various boards, committees and commissions, which I feel has had such a valuable purpose by assisting and helping city government be more transparent and efficient. This has resulted in a rewarding experience for these volunteers and continues to help move this city forward in a progressive way.

I could go on about several other accomplishments by this administration but will close by saying that as a first-term city councilor I appreciate the interest and understanding extended to my ward and the positive working relationship I’ve had with Mayor Bianchi.



The writer is city councilor for Ward 2.


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