Meat Market Sausage Fest is Saturday

Wednesday January 9, 2013

GREAT BARRINGTON -- The Meat Market butcher shop is hosting its 2nd Annual Sausage Fest with food, live music and a sausage-making demonstrations on Saturday from noon to 6 p.m.

Chef Jamie Paxton and charcutier Jazu Stine have designed a Sausage Fest tasting menu of a dozen varieties of sausages made in-house from locally raised meats. They include classic bratwursts and merguez as well as unusual international specialties like bulgogi, ring bologna, and darjeelamb.

Jazu Stine will demonstrate sausage-making from 3 to 5 p.m. Stine will outline the basics of making sausage from cutting, grinding and seasoning to different stuffing techniques and sausage history.

"Sausage-making is not really a lost art," Stine says. "A look into the freezer of any local supermarket will confirm that. But, it’s a lost art in terms of being done by hand. The preparations and recipes of sausage used to vary from region to region, state to state, even town to town. We’re trying to bring that back. And it only makes sense for us to share our knowledge."

For more information, call The Meat Market at (413) 528-2022 or visit


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