Medical treatment a hit at Fenway

Tuesday July 9, 2013

A recent event that happened to me at Fenway Park in Boston went like this:

Without going into details I realized that while standing outside on Yawkey Way before a night game, that I was going to need medical assistance sooner rather than later.

What immediately followed was an emergency medical team that rushed out to my location and whisked me into the ER within Fenway.

The amount of medical staff that assisted me, and made me feel like I was some kind of a VIP, was so far over the top that the only thing that came into my head at that exact moment was: If this is my time to check out from this veil of tears there may be no better place to do it then inside Fenway Park.

My kids would "love it." Not me dying, mind you! But being able to say that I went out literally within feet of the immortal Green Monster, (and also while the Sox are on a tear), well ... you need to be a true fan to understand the significance of it all.

Anyway, I lived to offer them my health insurance card. What they did for me during those two hours would easily cost several thousand dollars at any ER today.

"Forget about it," they said, "it’s on the Red Sox."

If you are a die-hard Red Sox fan, keep it in the back of your mind the next time you go to a game at Fenway.

There are probably worse places to buy the farm.

Yes, it’s going to be an expensive farm whether you buy it or not. But Fenway Park now has a whole new meaning for me, other then $5 for a small bottle of water. DAN FORSLEY



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