Memories gone, and no justice

Sunday February 17, 2013

On July 17, 2012, my wife of 38 years passed away suddenly. While I was away from home that Saturday attending her funeral, my home was broken into and all of my wife’s diamonds, silver, jewelry, and 38 years of memories were stolen. The only things that weren’t stolen were the few things my wife was wearing during her wake.

Upon returning home, heartbroken from my wife’s burial, I discovered the violation and immediately called 911. Almost an hour later, police and Pittsfield detectives arrived. The very next day, Pittsfield Police detectives apprehended an individual and with a search warrant confiscated some of my wife’s items. Of course the diamonds, silver, and most of the expensive jewelry were not found. Some miscellaneous items are still on the evidence table in holding at the police station today.

Several visits to District and Superior Court availed nothing to this date. There have been continuations and postponements. Promises and encouragement from the district attorney’s office have proved to be a grave disappointment. I cannot afford an attorney. The accused’s attorney is motioning to dispute the search warrant evidence as some procedural technicality may have been overlooked.

My wife’s life-long memories are now gone forever and I have no hope of ever seeing them again and have no hope of the legal system serving justice. They call this justice? I think not.




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