Mental illness is problem, not guns

Wednesday February 6, 2013

Has it been enough time since the horror of Sandy Hook that this letter can be written without demonizing the writer for asking the really hard question? All the politicians and the media have exploited the lives and deaths of these beautiful people to the nth degree. I write this now and hope that it is heard.

Who was the villain here? A gun? A madman? Who, not what. America needs to find out the real cause. Was this man evil or tortured? It is my hope that he was insane and not evil, that all mass murders are driven by -- what? Do we know what they have in common? What was their family life? What does the family say? What were they like in school? What did the teachers, professors, classmates say? Were they being treated for mental illness? Should they have been if not? What did they read? What movies and TV shows did they watch? What video games did they play? How did they think? What medication were they on? Is there a common denominator or several?

We need at least two independent studies into why some young men turn into monsters, and why most do not. Fix it, or at least learn what causes it and address the real issue. Do we need to ban certain psychotropic drugs? Do we need to have residential facilities to help families in crisis instead of ignoring the problems.

Politicians have jumped on the bandwagon of the evil gun, but not the person, the criminal, the killer. They have taken this horrific act and pushed for more control of law-abiding people, more taxes, more hype. This killer and those like him are forgotten. The means is the focus, not the cause. This is unacceptable.

Americans deserve to know that their schools, universities, movie theaters, malls and government buildings (Timothy McVeigh was a mass murderer too) are safe.

There is a root cause. If these studies could find it and if it is drugs and lack of family support, we don’t need a big explosive exposé (although it would be comforting to know the truth), but new guidelines could be given the medical and psychiatric community. It seems that all these young men are haunted and tortured and innocents die.

Write, call, email your congressman. Let’s demand a real solution.




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