Merciful end to ugly campaign

Friday November 9, 2012

So ends the worst presidential campaign in my lifetime. Liter ally billions of dollars were spent on ads demonizing both candidates. Running for the most important job in the world, neither man even mentioned the essential issues facing this country: the upcoming fiscal cliff that can throw the United States right back into deep recession, the too-big-to-fail banks gambling with over-the-counter de rivatives totaling $1.1 quad ril lion while valuing their worthless assets at 100 cents on the dollar and a Federal Reserve that is engaged in counterfeiting zillions of confetti money to prevent the system from collapsing. And then there’s Europe always on the brink. Truth was missing in action.

The right wing crazies plummeted to a new low as they used religion and racism in a desperate attempt to bring down the man they have hated for four years. Their contempt for wo men was an outright disgrace. I felt I was living in a Third World Country controlled by billionaires who financed the shameful obliteration of a once democratic nation.

Yes, the better man won. He is a remarkable campaigner who only slipped up once when a different Romney showed up at the first debate. In fact, it’s difficult to know which Rom ney lost the election. How does one go about choosing?

But now the candidate has to become the president again. After all the progressive speech-making on the stump, I fear he will turn to the right and push for oil and gas extraction on a scale unimaginable and at the ex pense of the environment. In his obsession with bipartisanship, I see him dealing with the opposition with olive branches instead of fight. Maybe he’ll surprise us and throw some punches when the moment is right. Anything is possible.


Great Barrington


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