Message for a bicycle thief

Friday May 4, 2012

To the person who stole my eight-year-old daughter's new bike from our fenced-in back- yard. I am sad that you felt it was OK to come onto my property and steal. I hope that every time you ride that bike that you get as much enjoyment as my daughter was having. I hope that when you are older someone like you will do the same to you.

My daughter is very sad this morning. It is a hard lesson for her to learn, not to trust your neighbors. This is the fourth item stolen from our property since we moved in almost nine years ago. At first you stole from our garage, so we put a lock on it. Now my daughter was careless and left her bike out of sight in the fenced-in area of our back yard and you stole it. She will have to wait until we can save enough money again to get her a new bike.

If you read this by any chance and you have a change of heart please just come as you did be tween 11 p.m. and 7 a.m. and leave the bike in the backyard, no questions asked. This was her first bike that just had hand brakes and she loved the bike. It was white with purple, and decals of fairies. I am sure you will remove the decals, axle pegs and hand breaks. Thanks for ruining her day.




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