Minimum wage bill awaits Gov. Patrick’s signature


BOSTON (AP) -- A bill that would raise the state’s $8 per hour minimum wage to $11 per hour by 2017 is awaiting Gov. Deval Patrick’s signature.

The Massachusetts Senate gave final approval to the measure Thursday, a day after the House signed off on the compromise version of the bill.

Patrick is expected to sign the legislation.

The bill would increase the minimum wage gradually, to $9 per hour in 2015 and $10 in 2016 and finally up to $11 in 2017.

The measure would also gradually raise the minimum wage for tipped workers, such as restaurant servers, from $2.63 per hour to $3.75 per hour, a 31 percent increase and the first since 1999.

A group behind a ballot question to raise the minimum wage may pull the question if Patrick signs the bill.


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