Monument Valley Honor Roll

Wednesday July 25, 2012

GREAT BARRINGTON -- Monument Valley Reg ional Middle School has announced the third quarter honor roll for the 2011-12 school year.

A total of 125 students, or 39 percent of students, ach ieved high honors or honors.

High honors requires an average of 90 with no mark below 85. Honors requires an average of 85 with no mark below 80.

High Honors

Grade 8: Emma Adler, Emma Ambler, Brianna Davis, Kayla Dillon, Mercedes Girona, Isaac Graves, Paige Gray, Madilyn Heller, Sophia Horan, Wilson Kaplan, Kaye Kelly, Julia Miner, Samantha Mitchell, Ivey Mueller, Jacob Robbins, Victoria Ryan, Emma Skakel, Anna Snyder, Caroline Sprague, Faolan Sugar man-lash, Maia Vlcek.

Grade 7: Janey Beardsley, Camille Beckwith, Isabel Bronson, Julia Bron son, Megan Cabaniol, Mario Castro Jr., Sophia Cohen, Kevin Costello, Leigh Duffin, Henry Flynn, Elias Garivaltis, Nicholas Gray, Halle Hassett, Hailey Higgins, Isabelle Morley, Kelsey Netzer, Kira Payer, Morgane Pichard, Lyssa Richard, Delanie Rybacki, Sean Schae ffer, Katherine Smith, Molly Stephen, Maria Tucker, Lydia Vreeland, Matthew Walsh, Kayne Wellauer, Adam Whalen, Meadow Wicke, Emma Wilber, Mitchell Zimmer.

Grade 6: Tristan Alston, Benjamin Bergman, Rachel Bozza, Jackson Brex, Lillian Climo, Marshall Cresc entini, Jacob Cum, Lucina Doren, Bram Fisher, Hannah Flynn, Michael Goretti, Hunter Hassett, Jared Henry, Emma Houston, Emily Hunter, Olivia Jaffe, Jasmin Joh anns dottir, Silas Lane, Scott Larochelle, Paolo Lichtenthal, Neel Mahida, Isabella Masiero, Ethan Mazursky, Quinten McElhiney, Cynthia Mead, Hadley Mielke, Leah Moran, Anna Grace Nimmo, Matthew Parkes, Jake Ryel, Daniel Santos, Ariana Saporito, Sophie Shron, Richard Stanmeyer, Alexa Troiano, Kevin Troiano, Isabelle Whalen, Nicholas Wohl.


Grade 8: Thomas Berle Carman, Lily Jennings, William Robbins, Margaret Schmitz, Madison Shobe, Shane Van Tassel, Brittany Walsh.

Grade 7: Matthew Amstead, Ana Lucia Boorady Bloom, Noah Clarke-Sigmon, Nathaniel Cormier, Peyton Duhon, Kayla Dupont, Eric Hern andez, Hannah Korte, Matthew Krahm, Ashana Legeyt, Daniel Newey, Molly Stark, Josie Sturgis, Matthew Weston, Jack White.

Grade 6: Zufan Bazzano, Connor Brownson, Lauren Console, Sheila Francisco, Casey Litourneau, Cedar Potter, Conor Prince, Theresa Russell, Danielle Sweet, Blaise Twing, Jennyfer Vallejo, Mackenzie Viola.


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