Monument's Trent Pfeiffer, Emily Martin win high school slalom races at Bousquet


PITTSFIELD -- As disciplines go, slalom is far, far different than giant slalom. On the night of the first slalom of the high school Alpine season, things turned out to be not so different after all.

Monument Mountain racers Trent Pfeiffer and Emily Martin won again, while the Monument boys and Taconic girls maintained their holds on first place.

Pfeiffer won his fourth race in as many starts, clocking in an impressive time of 40.28 seconds at Bousquet Ski Area. Steve Feathers of St. Joseph was second.

Pfeiffer, Trevor McFarland and Thomas Berle all finished in the top five as the Spartans had a nearly 30-second win over Mount Greylock, 177.31 to 207.1. Pittsfield, second to Monument in the boys standings, finished fourth.

Martin won her second race in as many weeks, skiing the slalom course in 42.35 and beating Ella King of Lenox by more than two seconds.

Maria Giacoletto was the top finisher for Taconic, taking fifth. But she was the first of five Braves in the top 10 to give her team its fourth win in as many races. Monument Mountain was second for the fourth straight week.

"I always tell them, in slalom especially, quality, smooth turns are always the fastest way down the hill," Monument coach Peter Dunham said. "We've been able to have three slalom practices. [Giant slalom] is technical, yes, but slalom is so much more technical and there's so much more muscle memory involved."

Pfeiffer, who dominated the GS, was the sixth racer on the mountain. He said that he was looking ahead a couple of gates to make sure he had a good line on his run.

"I tried to play it cleanly," he said. "I want to get my first two slalom runs under my belt and then I'll really attack the third race of the year."

Pfeiffer said he likes the slalom more, and it certainly showed in his run.

The Monument racer said he took the top of the course "moderately" round and attacked the course after the first hairpin turn.

"Towards the end, the line I took was straightening up," he said. "The gates, there was a pretty good distance between them, so I wanted to maintain a solid speed through the flat."

Feathers finished in 42.73 and Mount Greylock's Ryan Kuhn took third.

Monument's McFarland and Berle were fourth and fifth, respectively. That helped the Spartans earn the win.

For the Taconic girls, it was not a night to finish first. It was a night to bunch your racers and get away with the team win.

"Together, we make a great whole," said Giacoletto. "Everyone wants to do well. For the most part, we did. We definitely want to stay in a group so points-wise, we're all together."

Giacoletto was fifth, four seconds behind Martin. Giacoletto did, however, bring a sea of green along with her. Michaela Craft was sixth, Lindsay Curry seventh, Jill Scussel ninth and Amanda Ely 10th. That was more than enough to keep the Braves on top in the standings.

Martin, who won last week's final GS race, said she's more of a slalom racer than a GS racer.

"I would say slalom is my stronger event most of the time," she said.

A lot of cold weather and some snow over the weekend had the Bousquet race course in good condition, and Martin said she had to be mentally prepared for the speed.

"I was pretty confident I was having a good run from the start," she said. "I just wanted to make sure I got all the way through to the bottom."

And when Martin looked at the clock, she said: "Yeah, I think that should be a good time."


Boys team results

1. Monument Mountain 177.31; 2. Mount Greylock 207.1; 3. St. Joseph 212.23; 4. Pittsfield 221.36; 5. Wahconah, 224.7; 6. Taconic; 7. Wahconah.

Top 10 Finishers

1. Trent Pfeiffer (MM), 40.28; 2. Steve Feathers (SJ), 42.73; 3. Ryan Kuhn (MG), 43.05; 4. Trevor McFarland (MM), 43.71; 5. Thomas Berle (MM), 44.15; 6. Erich Maynard (P), 44.36; 7. Cody Latimer (T), 45.03; 8. Garrett Dempsey (P), 45.29; 9. Ben Schmidt (W), 46.58; 10. Matt Geyer (W), 46.98.

Girls team results

1. Taconic 191.35; 2. Monument Mountain 202.69; 3. Pittsfield 210.33; 4. Lenox 242.89; 5. Wahconah 261.5; 6. Mount Greylock.

Top 10 Finishers

1. Emily Martin (MM), 42.35; 2. Ella King (L), 44.42; 3. Ali Williamson (P), 45.21; 4. Jennifer Evans (MM), 46.22; 5. Maria Giacoletto (T), 46.35; 6. Michaela Kraft (T) 46.46; 7. Lindsay Curry (T), 48.84; 8. Emma Pizzuto (P), 49.45; 9. Jill Scussel (T), 49.7; 10. Amanda Ely (T), 51.44.


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