More security, not more gun laws

Friday April 5, 2013

Many of the supporters of another assault weapons ban are sincere in their effort to "do something" to prevent another senseless assault on a school. The problem is that these folks are not thinking clearly. There is way too much emotion involved and not enough cool analysis of our previous solutions and how well they have worked.

We already know that our previous assault weapons ban had little or no impact on gun-related deaths in our country. The criminals don’t care about laws so adding more laws does nothing. More stringent laws in this realm affect only the law-abiding citizens. We do need to modify our mental health regulations so that mental health professionals are required to report potentially unstable individuals. Background checks to prevent felons and the mentally ill from legally getting guns should continue.

Our president, governors and other high government officials along with the White House, governor’s residences, the capitol buildings, state houses our local court houses and airline terminals, to name a few individuals and sites, are all afforded armed security guards that are funded by the taxpayers. This armed security is considered to be the best safety and security that is available; it is not foolproof but it is the best that we can offer. If there were a better solution, it surely would be employed.

Why is it then, that when it comes to our children, grandchildren and our schools, that we refuse to provide the best security that we know how to provide? Instead of providing the best, we pay lip service to security by simply passing more laws which we know will not be effective. Why is it that we demonstrate every day that our government officials and the places where they work are more important to us than our children and their schools?

Our current approach does not reflect the value most of us place on our children, it is not effective and must be changed. We need to "do something that is effective."




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