More silence on clinic

Monday July 30, 2012

It has been a week since officials from Spectrum Health Systems made a belated appearance in Pittsfield to discuss plans for a methadone clinic and six days since District Attorney David Cape less spoke for many in decrying the lack of transparency about the search for a specific site. With Spectrum now evidently seeking to move into its original Summer Street site we see that nothing has changed.

Capeless, who is on the front lines of the battle against drugs in the county, said last week that there is a demonstrated need for such a clinic in the city. He also asked "Where is the transparency?" in the search for a site. The secrecy is attributed to a confidentiality agreement reached between Spectrum and former Mayor James Ruberto of dubious legal standing that has been rendered irrelevant by events anyway. Information concerning potential sites is supposedly limited to Mayor Daniel Bianchi and a few officials, but the cat got well out of the bag on the Stoddard Avenue site that Spectrum abandoned following vigorous protests by neighbors. Spectrum’s renewed interest in Summer Street also got out in recent weeks.

With its pointless secrecy in pursuing the Summer Street location, Spectrum is setting itself up for the same response it received on Stoddard Avenue. We again ask Spectrum to drop the lawsuit it brought against the city last year, dump the meaningless confidentiality agreement blocking transparency and deal openly with the city.


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