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So, here's what happened.

We got excited about housing ... "Home prices posted solid gains in 2005" (CNN Money, Feb. 15, 2006)

Some didn't think it would ever end ... "Experts see no housing bubble" (San Francisco Chronicle, Feb. 10, 2005)

It made everyone happy ... "Confidence hits three-year high" (CNN, June 28, 2005)

But cracks were forming ... "Gas Prices Surge as Supply Drops" (New York Times, Sept. 1, 2005)

Some saw doom ... "Countdown to a Meltdown" (The Atlantic, July 1, 2005)

Things began to change ... "Risky home loan standards tightening" (CNN Money, Jan. 6, 2006)

The tide began rolling out ... "Desperation sets in while homes sit for months with no offers" (USA TODAY, Oct. 26, 2006)

Reality began to set in ... "New Century, Biggest Subprime Casualty, Goes Bankrupt" (Bloomberg, April 4, 2007)

Fear spreads ... "BNP Paribas Freezes Funds as Loan Losses Roil Markets" (Bloomberg, Aug. 11, 2007)

Most remain calm ... "Bernanke: Subprime Woes Won't Seriously Hurt Economy" (CNBC, May 17, 2007)

But even as wealth surges ... "Finally! Dow finishes above 14,000" (CNN Money, July 19, 2007)

The clouds darken ... "Recession Fears Weigh Heavily On the Markets" (Wall Street Journal, Nov. 26, 2007)

The big guns come out ... "Markets Soar After Fed Cuts Key Rate by a Half Point" (New York Times, Sept. 18, 2007)

But it's not enough ... "Home prices post record decline" (CNN Money, Dec. 26, 2007)

Risky business

Risks emerge ... "Bear Stearns bailed out by Fed, JPMorgan" (Associated Press, March 14, 2008)

The losses spread ... "Fannie, Freddie Placed Under Conservatorship" (USA TODAY, Sept. 8, 2008)

And the collapse begins ... "Lehman Files for Bankruptcy; Merrill Is Sold" (New York Times, Sept. 14, 2008)

There's no end in sight ... "US to Take Over AIG in $85 Billion Bailout" (Wall Street Journal, Sept. 16, 2008)

It keeps going ... "WaMu Is Seized ... In Largest Failure in U.S. Banking History" (Wall Street Journal, Sept. 26 2008)

The government steps in ... "Administration Is Seeking $700 Billion for Wall Street" (New York Times, Sept. 20, 2008)

Markets plunge ... "U.S. Stocks Slide, Dow Plunges 777 Points" (CBS News MarketWatch, Sept. 29, 2008)

Main Street is hit hard ... "U.S. Loses 533,000 Jobs in Biggest Drop Since 1974" (New York Times, Dec. 5, 2008)

Stocks collapse ... "Stocks end at 12-year lows" (CNN Money, Feb. 27, 2009)

The aid arrives ... "House Passes $819B Stimulus Package" (FOX News, Jan. 28, 2009)

Things start to look up ... "Stocks move higher as industrial production rises" (Associated Press, Sept. 16, 2009)

The grass gets greener ... "Job Loss Pace Slows in April" (BusinessWeek, May 8, 2009)

But scars remain ... "US Unemployment Rate Hits 10.2 Percent, Highest in 26 Years" (New York Times, Nov. 6, 2009)

The costs mount ... "Deficit tops $1 trillion again" (CNN Money, Oct. 17, 2010)

Wall Street recovers ... "Wall Street Sees Record Revenue in '09-10" (Bloomberg, Dec. 12, 2010)

Main Street suffers ... "Lost Decade for Family Income" (Wall Street Journal, Sept. 17, 2010)

Living on the edge

We're on edge ... "Dow Takes a Harrowing 1,010.14-Point Trip" (Wall Street Journal, May 7, 2010)

More medicine arrives ... "Fed to Buy $600 Billion in Treasuries to Aid Growth" (Bloomberg, Nov. 3, 2010)

Everyone is paranoid ... "Fear of a Double Dip Recession Could Cause One" (New York Times, May 15, 2010)

A new problem emerges ... "Rising Gas and Food Prices Push U.S. Inflation Higher" (New York Times, May 13, 2011)

The pessimists win ... "Gold Surges to Record on Outlook for Sagging Dollar, U.S. Rates" (Bloomberg, April 27, 2011)

Washington makes it worse ... "S.& P. Downgrades Debt Rating of U.S. for the First Time" (New York Times, Aug. 5, 2011)

Markets revolt ... "Dow plummets 634 points amid downgrade backlash" (CBS News, Aug. 8, 2011)

But recovery emerges ... "U.S. Economy Gains Steam as 200,000 Jobs Are Added" (New York Times, Jan. 6, 2012)

Washington tries to screw it up ... "The Fiscal Cliff and America's Coming Recession" (Forbes, Nov. 9, 2012)

But recovery plows ahead ... "DJIA Sets Inflation-Adjusted Record High" (Wall Street Journal, Dec. 20, 2013)

The financial crisis eases ... "U.S. unemployment rate falls to 5-year low of 7 percent" (New Jersey Star-Ledger, Dec. 6, 2013)

Again with Washington ... "Government Shuts Down in Budget Impasse" (New York Times, Sept. 30, 2013)

A new trend arrives ... "Oil prices plunge as production rises" (Washington Post, Oct. 14, 2014)

Recovery continues ... "Hiring Is Strong and Jobless Rate Declines to 6.1 Percent" (New York Times, July 3, 2014)

Though it's not perfect ... "Still waiting for a pay raise? You're not alone" (CNN Money, Dec. 5, 2014)

Normalcy returns ... "Fed Ends QE, Perks Up Labor Market Outlook" (Forbes, Oct. 29, 2014)

Crisis hits other parts of the world ... "World markets plunge as China stocks crash" (CNN Money, Aug. 24, 2015)

With a new boost ... "Gas prices to fall below $2 for Thanksgiving" (USA TODAY, Nov. 24, 2015)

A new panic ... "Stock Market Turmoil: Dow Plummets More Than 1,000 Points at Open" (NBC News, Aug. 24, 2015)

And here we are ... "Fed raises interest rates, citing ongoing U.S. recovery" (Reuters, Dec. 17, 2015)

Ready for what's next.

Here's to a great next decade.


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