Mosquitoes are plaguing W’town

Thursday July 11, 2013

To the editor of THE EAGLE:

What an unpleasant time caused by the many mosquitoes that fly around me in Williamstown. Other folks are pestered by them even more than I am. Spending considerable time outdoors means being attacked by these insects day and night. People can rub or spray on products like OFF, which fortunately comes in various strengths but requires wise handling.

What a shame that Williamstown lets mosquitoes thrive here, when in the past the town sprayed them from airplanes or trucks, thereby encouraging tourists and other summer visitors to come. These days, the presence of mosquitoes must drive tourists elsewhere.

If mosquitoes are a problem for you, call the Williamstown Health Department (458-9344), write a letter to the editor or call our town manager. Perhaps many town residents’ complaints will succeed in getting the town to rid us of this infestation, just as it has in the past and as other communities currently do.




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