Mount Everett teachers, students to share stage at "Grease"


SHEFFIELD -- English teacher Wendy Casey is shifting from the classroom to the stage this weekend.

Casey, and some of her peers, will be performing alongside their students in the popular 50s musical "Grease" at Mount Everett Regional High School.

The performance will include a prominent two-minute dance sequence for the teachers.

"I think we’re ready to hand jive the house down," said Casey, who said she hasn’t performed on stage for 30 years since her college days.

"Grease" will be performed at the Thomas A. Consolati Performing Arts Center at Mount Everett Regional at 7 p.m. today and Saturday, and then on Sunday at 3 p.m. The tickets cost $9 and $7 for students and seniors.

Grease requires a large male cast. If the Mount Everett drama program didn’t host the program this year, it was unlikely they’d have enough males next year, said artistic musical director Travis Daly.

He said there are five teachers performing -- and they didn’t hide their love for "Grease." He said it didn’t take long to talk them into playing a part.

"They’re playing chaperones at a dance and they have a dance-break in the scene," Daly said.

In addition to the 30-person strong cast, Daly said Mount Everett’s cheerleaders will perform a cheer and he spoke admirably about the work of costume designer Julie Chamberlain, who re-created the 1950s garb.

"If you want to be transported to a different era, and live with the performers through the music, its got great Rock n’ Roll musical theater songs that we have in the show," Daly said.


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