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LENOX -- During her honors speech, Mount Everett valedictorian Danielle Goewey delivered a number of droplets of wisdom to her fellow graduates of the Class of 2014. But perhaps her best was one of her more succinct.

"Relax," she said. "Life is not nearly as serious as most people say it is."

Goewey was the featured speaker at the 2014 commencement exercises for Mount Everett Regional School, held at Tanglewood.

This was one of the smaller graduating classes in recent memory, as a total of 50 students were on stage to receive their diplomas.

Goewey made several other points during her address. These included:

"Travel as much as you can. The more people you meet, the better your life will be.

"Believe in yourself and take care of yourself.

"Seize the day. Carpe diem and all that stuff.

"Take your time. Rome wasn't built in a day, and you won't be, either."

Goewey ended her address with a line from a song by pop maestro Steve Miller: "Fly like an eagle, into the future."

The welcome address was presented by salutatorian Andrew Krom. Krom graciously praised his teachers, "who went out of their way to help me," and his parents, "who could not have been more supportive of me."

Noting that he would have fond memories of his time as a high school student, he went on to thank the entire school "for all the great experiences here."

Krom then turned to his classmates and observed, "today is your day. Congratulations."

Following Krom's address, Superintendent David Hastings stepped to the podium.

"I'm not on the schedule, I'm not in the program," he said to laughter. "But I'm in charge now, and I can do that."

He went on to praise the graduates and Mount Everett.

"This school is magical," he said. "You can't always put your finger on it, but you see its power every day.

"Four years ago," he said to the students, "you were already set upon a path to excellence. You have made so many contributions to your school and your community. And the common bond there was to always try to keep giving back. I am so proud of the work you've done.

"Life," said Hastings, "is a combination of what you know -- and who you are."

There were several musical selections on Saturday. Senior Kyle Carson led students and audience in the national anthem to open the proceedings. Midway through, the Mount Everett chorus sang "Already Home," by Andrew Lloyd Webber from his musical, "The Wizard of Oz."

The final selection, by the Mount Everett Wind Ensemble was "Gandalf," from the Lord of the Rings Trilogy.

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Mount Everett Class of 2014

Sarah Ackerman, Tracy Anstett, Alicia Bazonski, Sarah Beugin, Mia Bills, Alec Blume, Vincent Burt, Kyle Carson, Todd Clay, Deseraye Conaway, Zachary Coon, Taylor Dorsey, Jonathan Duerr, Brandon Eichstedt, Devin Farnum, Skyler Faucher-Gilpatric, Zachary Fife.

Sabina Fouser, Erik Fredsall, Lindsey Getchell, Kody Goddard, Danielle Goewey, Hunter Hils, Xavier Humes, Hannah Joyce, Courtney Koldys, Andrew Krom, Brittney Lane, Brianna Leonard, Joshua Limoges, Natasha MacLeay, Lucas Martin, Jerrad Mead, Brooke Morehouse.

Pablo Orobio Wolff, Jonathan Ovitt, Peter Regan, Emily Scapin, Gabriella Shook, Jake Smerechniak, Kyle Smith, Shayna Spencer, Cooper Stone, Erica Sullivan, Raychel Thomson, Nicholas Turnbough, Sabrina VanDeusen, Austin Whitney, Steven Zink, Taylor Zucco.

Mount Everett Awards & Scholarships

Albert Trocchi Scholarship: Sabina Fouser, Courtney Koldys.

Alice Coon Shanley Memorial: Shayna Spencer.

American Legion: Shayna Spencer.

American Red Cross and Bob's Discount Furniture: Kyle Carson, Sabina Fouser, Jake Smerechniak, Erica Sullivan.

Amy Gillette Memorial: Lindsey Getchell.

Barbara Rhoades Memorial: Sabina Fouser.

Berkshire Antiquarian Book Fair Scholarship in Memory of Al Gventer: Brianna Leonard.

Berkshire Bank Foundation Scholarship: Hannah Joyce.

Berkshire County Arc Scholarship: Mia Bills.

CIAO Berkshire County Soccer Hall of Fame Scholarships: Alec Blume, Brooke Morehouse.

Connecticut Rainbow: Erica Sullivan.

Diana Seavey Memorial: Emily Scapin.

Esther MacDonald Memorial: Tracy Anstett.

Gary Truett Memorial: Natasha MacLeay.

Gertrude Burdsall Memorial: Erica Sullivan.

Girls Inc. of Berkshires: Sabina Fouser.

Grand Court of Amaranth: Erica Sullivan.

Great Barrington Fish and Game Club Scholarship: Shayna Spencer.

Great Barrington Police Association: Hannah Joyce, Shayna Spencer.

Great Barrington Rotary Club Scholarships: Deseraye Conaway, Brooke Morehouse, Erica Sullivan. Berkshire Bank: Hannah Joyce. Bruce and Barbara Person Scholarship: Natasha MacLeay. Chad Krzynowek Scholarship: Jonathan Duerr.

Greylock Federal Credit Union: Natasha MacLeay.

Hazel Hendrick Memorial Scholarship: Sarah Ackerman.

Honorable James P. Dohoney Scholarship: Taylor Dorsey, Lindsey Getchell, Danielle Goewey.

John and Abigail Adams Scholarships: Alicia Bazonski, Alec Blume, Kyle Carson, Deseraye Conaway, Zachary Coon, Jonathan Duerr, Sabina Fouser, Erik Fredsall, Lindsey Getchell, Danielle Goewey, Hannah Joyce, Courtney Koldys, Andrew Krom, Jerrad Mead, Brooke Morehouse, Jake Smerechniak, Shayna Spencer, Raychel Thomson.

John Pulver Memorial Scholarships: Vincent Burt, Devin Farnum, Kyle Smith.

Kevin Blanco Memorial: Zachary Fife.

Leo and Jeanette Nussbaum Memorial: Hannah Joyce.

Lillian Preiss Memorial: Danielle Goewey.

Mary Ellen Welch Memorial: Hannah Joyce.

Mia and Lynn MacDonald Memorial: Natasha MacLeay.

Mount Everett Class of 1980 Scholarship: Jonathan Duerr.

Mount Everett Class of 1986 Kelley Hayes Memorial Scholarship: Zachary Coon, Emily Scapin.

Mount Everett Scholarships: Brooke Morehouse, Jonathan Ovitt.

Mount Everett SADD Scholarship: Erica Sullivan.

Neil G. Fletcher Memorial Scholarship: Mia Bills.

New Marlborough-Monterey PTA Scholarship: Natasha MacLeay, Erica Sullivan.

O'Brien Arts and Technology Scholarship: Natasha MacLeay.

Olde Yankee Street Rods & Classic Cruisers: Erica Sullivan.

Picard-Provo Grants in Memory of John Henry Picard and Frank Provo: Countney Koldys, Andrew Krom, Kyle Smith, Jake Smerechniak, Devin Farnum, Danielle Goewey.

Pittsfield Cooperative Bank Centennial Scholarship: Lindsey Getchell.

Pittsfield Cooperative Bank 2013 Coach of the Year Award: Alicia Bazonski.

Robert Gauthier Memorial: Sarah Ackerman.

Salisbury Bank/Charles Joch: Andrew Krom.

Sandisfield Scholarship: Mia Bills.

Santi Gulotta - Sheffield Volunteer Hose Company #1: Lindsey Getchell, Courtney Koldys, Brooke Morehouse, Jonathan Ovitt.

Sheffield Grange Scholarship: Zachary Coon.

Sheffield Historical Society: Andrew Krom.

Sheffield Kiwanis/in Memory of Wm. "Bullett" Kline: Deseraye Conaway.

Sheffield Kiwanis/in Memory of John Ingersoll: Natasha MacLeay.

Sheffield Kiwanis/in Memory of Paul Mortiz: Taylor Zucco.

Sheffield Kiwanis/in Memory of Earl Sutphen: Erica Sullivan.

Sheffield Kiwanis/in Memory of Myron Wartella: Jake Smerechniak.

Sheffield Kiwanis Educational Achievement Award: Danielle Goewey.

Sheffield Kiwanis Educational Assistance Award: Sabina Fouser

Southern Berkshire Regional Elementary Teachers' Scholarship: Kyle Carson.

Stewart Family Trust Awards: Theatre: Jake Smerechniak. Poetry Out Loud: Taylor Dorsey. Sportsmanship: Jonathan Ovitt. Art: Xavier Humes.

Strive Award: Taylor Dorsey.

Thursday Morning Club: Four-Year Scholarship: Sarah Ackerman. One-Year Scholarship: Deseraye Conaway, Jonathan Duerr, Natasha MacLeay.

Wheeler and Taylor Scholarship: Hannah Joyce.

Daughters of the American Revolution Good Citizen: Erica Sullivan.

Massachusetts Secondary Schools Administrator's Assoc.: Cooper Stone.

Principal's Leader Award: Mia Bills.

Massachusetts Superintendent Award: Danielle Goewey.

President's Award for Educational Excellence: Danielle Goewey, Courtney Koldys, Andrew Krom, Jerrad Mead, Jake Smerechniak, Shayna Spencer, Erica Sullivan, Raychel Thomson.

President's Awards for Educational Achievement: Alicia Bazonski, Mia Bills, Kyle Carson, Devin Farnum, Sabina Fouser, Lindsey Getchell, Hannah Joyce, Brianna Leonard, Natasha MacLeay, Brooke Morehouse, Pablo Orobio Wolff, Jonathan Ovitt, Emily Scapin, Kyle Smith, Cooper Stone, Sabrina VanDeusen.

McDonald's McScholar Athlete Awards: Andrew Krom, Courtney Koldys.

Department Awards: Media: Vincent Burt. Social Studies: Andrew Krom. Mathematics: Courtney Koldys. Science: Alicia Bazonski. French: Sabina Fouser. Spanish: Deseraye Conaway. Technology: Cooper Stone. 3-D Design: Sabrina VanDeusen. Chorus: Natasha MacLeay. Band: Taylor Dorsey. Theatre: Jake Smerechniak. Art: Sabrina VanDeusen. English: Danielle Goewey. Guidance - Award for perseverance and accomplishments: Shayna Spencer. Wellness: Jonathan Ovitt. Building Structures: Kyle Smith. Culinary Arts: Alec Blume. Internship Award: Natasha MacLeay.


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