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WILLIAMSTOWN -- If Mount Greylock Regional High School's Class of 2014 had its own hashtag, Class President Emily Kaegi suggests it would be "#bestyeartobeasenior."

Not only did the class experience the most days off -- not only due to snow days but to things like "humidity days" and a massive Northern Berkshire power outage -- but the group's legacy includes the fact that every student who entered the class met the requirements to graduate.

"No one will remain behind; a 100 percent graduation rate is an achievement for any class," Principal Mary MacDonald told the 114 seniors during Saturday evening's graduation ceremony.

Well-wishers filled the Mount Greylock gymnasium to a standing room-only capacity during the nearly 90-minute event, each minute filled with speeches, music, the sharing of memories and laughter, and of course the most anticipated reading of each graduate's name.

Being a grades 7 through 12 school, some of the students have been in classes together over a span of six years.

During his speech titled, "Goals," Harrison Dilthey shared some anecdotes from an overnight eighth-grade class field trip to Gettysburg, Pa. While bonding through scavenger hunts, battlefield explorations and late-night poker games, Dilthey said the trip helped the class achieve one of its first goals.

"We had transitioned out of the Hancock/ Lanesborough/ New Ashford/ Williamstown Class of 2014, and into the Mount Greylock Class of 2014. We had become a family," he said.

Together, during Saturday's ceremony, they honored two adults in the school as mentors and guardians of the class.

Principal's assistant and attendance clerk Patsy Worley was given flowers and hailed as "one of the sweetest people in the school," despite scorning students for their tardiness or truancy. In a brief response, Worley reminded students that wherever they go in life they should "remember to always be on time."

Science teacher and coach Larry Bell was honored as Mount Greylock Teacher of the Year. Students characterized him as "a caring, intelligent instructor with the spirit of a teenager."

In his remarks, Bell emphasized to the students that they weren't born special, but that they've gone on to do special things in their lives because of the support they've had from family, teachers, staff and friends to guide them toward their goals along the way.

"Remember that when you're scared about what's coming, you're not going to be alone. It was not you alone, it's you together that got you all here today," said Bell.

Beyond "#bestyeartobeasenior," Emily Kaegi shared several other hashtags during her graduation address, "10 Lessons That Greylock Taught Us Without Textbooks," which she said was inspired by the top 10 lists of David Letterman and the online pop culture hub, Buzzfeed.

She lauded her fellow students' athletic prowess, from the cross country running trails to the school's dodgeball tournament, noting that "#greylockwinswhenitcounts." But when the outcomes weren't so good over the years, it was shared wisdom, like that of senior Jenna Phelps who said, "You don't always have to hold your head higher than your heart," which guided the group through its more trying times.

"Greylock gave a lot to us, and no matter if we hated it or loved it, it's now part of who we are," Kaegi explained to the audience. "We sit in front of you today as more confident and compassionate people than when we first came in, and we leave the school better than when we found it."

Mount Greylock Class of 2014

Richard Astle, Cara Betti, Nicholas Bolognia*, Austin Michael Boudreau, Miranda Bucky*, Ethan Buell, Robert Buffis Jr.*, Aaron Burns, Jakob Butler, Nicholas Carrigan, Dustin Chang*, Alana Chesney, Alexander Cheung*, Rachana Chhuon, Daivon Clement, Rachel Clement.

Liam Collins, Melodybelle Crowell-Morse, Raquel Crowell-Morse, Nicholas Dastoli*, Alexandra Delano, Meredith Dezieck, Harrison Dilthey, Brianna DiNicola, Nicholas DiSanti, Mia DiSantis, Travis Doborwicz, Erin Dodig, Makayla Duda, Jessica Ferry.

Geff Fisher*, Mackenzie Flynn, Schuyler Fohrhaltz-Burbank, Taylor Fohrhaltz-Burbank*, Kendal Frye, Amanda Galib*, Kiara Garofalo, Madeline Gaskill, Edward George Gebara, Michelle Gingras, Kayla Goodwin, Jonah Grauman, Celeste Gravel, Joseph Greenhalgh*.

Thomas Guettler*, Kelsey Hadley, Samantha Hamilton, Kelsey Hebert*, Kathy Ho, Cole Jackson, Stephen Jayko, Samantha Joy, Emily Kaegi*, Thomas Kelly, Mookharin Khajornchaisak, Joshua Kissoon, Samuel Klass, Branden Knysh.

Ryan Kuhn, Austin Larabee, Amalia Leamon*, Sophia Leamon*, Zachary Leamon, Luke LeBlanc, Devon Lennon, Celestine Lockhart, Evelyn Mahon*, Matthew Malloy, Katelin Marchand*, Trenna Marcinczyk, Jenna Markland*, Rosemarie Mele.

Jeremy Mossolani, Tyra Nurmi, Steven O'Brien Jr.*, Maksym Petrenko, Jenna Phelps, Caleb Raymond*, Devyn Renzi, Gianna Renzi, Randi Rocca*, Emily Rudd*, Anthony Sabanski, Nikolaus Santore, Kyle Schwarzer, Mariza Sfakianaki.

Melina Sfakianaki, Allison Shand, Markell Shea, Zavi Sheldon*, Aaron St. Martin, Ian Stankiewicz, Jonathan Steel, Stone Stewart*, Pearl Sutter*, Rachel Swoap*, Abigail Tague, Nathan Taskin, Jenna Terio*, John Thistle, Heather Tomkowicz*.

Chad Trottier, Tori Trybus, Alejandro Viquez-Salas, Julia Vlahopoulos*, Zachary Vogel, Ryan Wadsworth, Elizabeth Wall, William Walter, Paige Willis, Derek Wood*, Nicholas Zaccaria, Ashley Zamboni-Chilton, Aaron Ziemer*.

* National Honor Society

Mount Greylock Awards & Scholarships

Mount Greylock English Award: Zavi Sheldon.

Mount Greylock History Award: Thomas Guettler.

Alfred J. Leonardi Prize in Mathematics: Emily Kaegi.

John D. Gill Jr. Science Award: Caleb Raymond.

Class of 1950 Foreign Language: Steven O'Brien Jr.

Elizabeth S. Piper Memorial Latin Award: Caleb Raymond.

Clara Well Alpert Memorial Art Award: Cara Betti.

Mount Greylock Music Award: Harrison James Dilthey

Mount Greylock Business Technology Award: Nicholas Anthony Dastoli

Mount Greylock Wellness Award: Steven Michael O'Brien Jr., Pearl Sutter

John B. Clark Scholars' Awards: Four-year records indicate outstanding promise of success in higher education: Emily Kaegi, Caleb Raymond, Zavi Sheldon, Heather Tomkowicz, Derek Wood.

Berkshire Symphony Music Award: Taylor Fohrhaltz-Burbank.

The Danforth Award: Cole Jackson.

D.A.R. Good Citizenship Certificate: Emily Kaegi.

Gerard N. Davis Latin Award: Miranda Bucky.

Betty J. DeBlois Student Service Award: Kelsey Hebert.

Drama Awards: Acting: Steven O'Brien Jr. Technical: Aaron Ziemer.

Louise Noble Guild Recognition in Dramatic Arts Award: Evelyn Mahon.

Krizack Memorial Book Award: Miranda Bucky.

Leadership in Athletics Award: Emily Kaegi.

League of Women Voters Faith Scarborough Citizenship Award: Sophia Leamon.

Massachusetts Foreign Language Association Board of Directors Awards: French: Amalia Leamon. Latin: Derek Wood. Spanish: Kelsey Hebert. Leadership: Emily Kaegi.

Massachusetts Secondary School Administrators' Association Student Achievement Award: Amalia Leamon.

Mount Greylock Arts Certificates: Cara Betti, Miranda Bucky, Ethan Buell, Alana Chesney, Nicholas Dastoli, Alexandra Delano, Harrison Dilthey, Erin Dodig, Jessica Ferry, Geff Fisher, Schuyler Fohrhaltz-Burbank, Taylor Fohrhaltz-Burbank, Michelle Gingras, Samantha Hamilton, Stephen Jayko, Zachary Leamon, Devon Lennon, Evelyn Mahon, Katelin Marchand, Rosemarie Mele, Steven O'Brien Jr., Caleb Raymond, Pearl Sutter, Jenna Terio, Tori Trybus, William Walter, Derek Wood, Aaron Ziemer.

Mount Greylock Coaches Award: Derek Wood.

Mount Greylock Pathways Certificates: Finance/Business Administration: Nicholas Dastoli, Celeste Gravel, Jenna Phelps, Markell Shea, Aaron St. Martin. Computers/Technology: Richard Astle, Dustin Chang, Jonah Grauman.

National Honor Society: Nicholas Bolognia, Miranda Bucky, Robert Buffis Jr., Dustin Chang, Alexander Cheung, Nicholas Dastoli, Geff Fisher, Taylor Fohrhaltz-Burbank, Amanda Galib, Joseph Greenhalgh, Thomas Guettler, Kelsey Hebert, Emily Kaegi, Amalia Leamon, Sophia Leamon, Evelyn Mahon, Katelin Marchand, Jenna Markland, Steven O'Brien Jr., Caleb Raymond, Randi Rocca, Emily Rudd, Zavi Sheldon, Stone Stewart, Pearl Sutter, Rachel Swoap, Jenna Terio, Heather Tomkowicz, Julia Vlahopoulos, Derek Wood, Aaron Ziemer.

National Merit Scholarship Program: Commended Students: Miranda Bucky, Geff Fisher, Zavi Sheldon, Heather Tomkowicz, Derek Wood, Aaron Ziemer. Finalist: Caleb Raymond. Winner: The UPS Foundation - James E. Casey Scholarship: Steven O'Brien Jr.

President's Education Award Program: Educational Achievement: Daivon Clement, Melodybelle Crowell-Morse, Mackenzie Flynn, Michelle Gingras, Celeste Gravel, Rosemarie Mele, Tori Trybus, Nicholas Zaccaria. Educational Excellence: Nicholas Bolognia, Miranda Bucky, Robert Buffis Jr., Dustin Chang, Alexander Cheung, Geff Fisher, Taylor Fohrhaltz-Burbank, Joseph Greenhalgh, Thomas Guettler, Kelsey Hebert, Emily Kaegi, Amalia Leamon, Sophia Leamon, Evelyn Mahon, Katelin Marchand, Steven O'Brien Jr., Caleb Raymond, Zavi Sheldon, Stone Stewart, Rachel Swoap, Heather Tomkowicz, Julia Vlahopoulos, Derek Wood, Aaron Ziemer.

Student Council Service Award: Paige Willis.

Theodore R. Sylvester Award: Mackenzie Flynn.

United States History Award: Aaron Ziemer.

Volunteer Service Learning Certificates: Harrison Dilthey, Kelsey Hebert, Emily Kaegi, Branden Knysh, Emily Rudd, Jenna Terio, Heather Tomkowicz.

Adams Community Bank Scholarship: Taylor Fohrhaltz-Burbank.

Martha Blake Allen Memorial Scholarship: Erin Dodig, Kendal Frye, Jenna Markland, Pearl Sutter. Mathias

Jessup Bartels Memorial Scholarship: Caleb Raymond.

BCC Foundation Grace Hampel Scholarship: Richard Astle.

Berkshire Heptones Betty Von Mosch Memorial Scholarship: Schuyler Fohrhaltz-Burbank.

E. Herbert Botsford Scholarship: Dustin Chang, Geff Fisher, Celeste Gravel, Joseph Greenhalgh, Joshua Kissoon, Evelyn Mahon, Katelin Marchand, Nikolaus Santore, Zavi Sheldon, Stone Stewart, Aaron Ziemer.

Michael J. Bresett Memorial Scholarship: Kyle Schwarzer.

Stanley W. Bubriski Memorial Scholarship: William Walter.

Bernard R. "Bucky" Bullett Scholarship: Nicholas DiSanti.

Nellie Cameron Scholarship Award: Melodybelle Crowell-Morse.

Arthur G. Ceely Award: Kathy Ho.

Ernest G. Chase Memorial Scholarship: Cara Betti.

Class of 1962 Scholarship: Devyn Renzi.

Class of 2003 Scholarship: Madeline Gaskill.

Carol A. Dean Memorial Scholarship: Jenna Phelps.

Mary Dempsey Memorial Scholarship: Aaron St. Martin.

Mary Ellen Donna Scholarship: Raquel Crowell-Morse.

Dufour Escorted Tours Inc. Scholarship: Mackenzie Flynn.

John Falvey Memorial Scholarship: Devon Lennon.

Lilian D. Fitzsimmons Scholarship: Kayla Goodwin.

Edward T. and Florence N. Flynn Memorial Community Service Award: Cole Jackson.

Aline S. Geigerman Purchase Prize in Art: Alexandra Delano.

Francis V. Grant Memorial Scholarship: Nathan Taskin.

Greylock Community Club Scholarship: Samantha Joy.

Greylock Federal Credit Union ‘Treat Everyone Better Than They Expect' Scholarship: Julia Vlahopoulos.

Hancock Community Dollars for Scholars: Ethan Buell, Melodybelle Crowell-Morse, Raquel Crowell-Morse, Madeline Gaskill, Jonah Grauman.

Cecil Harvey Scholarship Award: Ryan Kuhn.

Thomas Andrew Janeczek Memorial Scholarship: Nicholas DiSanti, Emily Rudd.

Patrick W. Kelley Sr. Athletic Scholarship: Emily Kaegi.

Lanesborough Education Association Scholarship: Daivon Clement.

Lanesborough-New Ashford Dollars for Scholars: Richard Astle, Nicholas Bolognia, Nicholas Dastoli, Brianna DiNicola, Amanda Galib, Kiara Garofalo, Samantha Hamilton, Kelsey Hebert, Ryan Kuhn, Rosemarie Mele, Steven O'Brien Jr., Randi Rocca, Emily Rudd, Kyle Schwarzer, Julia Vlahopoulos, Nicholas Zaccaria.

Lanesborough-New Ashford Dollars for Scholars - Bev Wall Scholarship: Amanda Galib.

Lanesborough Police Association Scholarship Award: Erin Dodig, Kelsey Hadley.

Paul O. LaPlante Memorial Scholarship: Cole Jackson.

Mount Greylock Educators' Association Scholarship: Schuyler Fohrhaltz-Burbank, Taylor Fohrhaltz-Burbank, John Thistle, William Walter.

Mount Greylock General Scholarship: Harrison Dilthey.

Mount Greylock Spanish Club: Thomas Guettler.

North Adams Travel Club Book Award: Emily Rudd.

Michael P. O'Brien Memorial Scholarship: Derek Wood.

Edward M. Perry Scholarship: Nicholas Bolognia, Alexandra Delano.

Pittsfield Lodge of Elks Scholarship: Ryan Kuhn, Gianna Renzi.

Jennah Quinn Memorial Scholarship: Nathan Taskin.

Rotary Club of Williamstown Scholarship: Janet Upjohn Stearns and Janet Wallace Ley Financial Aid for a Promising Student: Steven O'Brien Jr. Dixon and Jean Marshall: Sophia Leamon. General Scholarship: Kelsey Hebert, Jenna Terio.

The Richard A. Ruether American Legion Auxiliary #152 Scholarship: Jenna Terio.

The Richard A. Ruether American Legion #152 - Raymond H. Hill Memorial Scholarship: Nicholas DiSanti, Celeste Gravel.

American Legion Boys State Citizenship Training Program Certificate & Medal: Thomas Guettler, Aaron Ziemer.

Abraham and Bertha Sabin Memorial Scholarship: Zavi Sheldon.

Meredith Shine Memorial Soccer Award: Miranda Bucky.

Gladys Simmons Memorial Award: Elizabeth Wall.

Pauline Smith Memorial Scholarship: Miranda Bucky, Alexander Cheung, Emily Kaegi, Caleb Raymond, Heather Tomkowicz.

Specialty Minerals Inc. Scholarship: Stephen Jayko.

Sunray Video Productions Award: Jonah Grauman.

Williamstown Community Chest Scholarship: Amalia Leamon, Zachary Leamon.

Williamstown Community Scholarship Fund Awards: Kathy Ho, Mookharin Khajornchaisak, Luke LeBlanc,

Tyra Nurmi, Mariza Sfakianaki, Melina Sfakianaki, Markell Shea, Alejandro Viquez-Salas, Ryan Wadsworth.

Williamstown Education Association Award: Aaron Burns, Katelin Marchand, Allison Shand.

Williamstown Grange Book Fund: Paige Willis.

Williamstown Rural Lands Foundation - Mathias J. Bartels Environmental Leadership Award: Amalia Leamon.


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