Nation fails its returning heroes

Sunday May 19, 2013

Sgt. Edward Passetto was the victim of an apparent suicide, and a pipe bomb was found at the scene. If the pipe bomb was not related to the location of Sgt, Passetto’s remains it was not newsworthy to report the pipe bomb in the article.

The Eagle further stated in the original May 13 article that he was not a member of the Marine Corps. He may not have been an active member of the Marine Corps, but in death he is still a United States Marine. The title Marine cannot be inherited or purchased for any price. It cannot be lent or passed down -- once earned, you own it for life.

He was not abandoned by the brotherhood of Marines, he was abandoned by the country he swore to serve and protect. He was a combat veteran who served multiple tours. This sergeant of Marines displayed his valor on the battlefield by rescuing passengers of a downed helicopter. Caught up in the Veterans Affairs department’s overloaded system, he lost hope. PTSD has claimed another hero, as the body and mind can only experience so much trauma.

His PTSD claim not being adjudicated is a loss for his family. His claim should be processed immediately with a finding of 100 percent disability. Our government owes this to his wife and children.

I am truly sorry that Sgt. Passetto suffered in war and never found peace again. We can spend millions providing foreign aid to countries that sell us out or harbor our enemies. But we fail to fund or properly staff the system that is supposed to provide services to our returning heroes. Veterans Affairs provides quality health care for the veterans it treats but the staff can only work within the limitations of the system.

Sgt. Passetto, rest in peace my brother, your battle is done. Another Marine reporting, sir. I spent my time in hell.




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