New person is working out well

Monday February 25, 2013

I remember getting only a few winks of sleep due to the commotion generated by my neighbor. Sadly, I had to resettle several times in a few years for unknown reasons. Even though this part of my life lay heavy on my mind I had faith things would turn to the better. And they did.

Last year on May 5, I met my new best friend at the Berkshire Humane Society in Pittsfield. We peered at each other through the glass, trying to size up one another. He’s a good-looking guy, appears to be well-mannered, and after a quick walk around the grounds, I found out his personality corresponded with mine. This might be a good fit.

After a couple more nights of restless slumber interspersed with an occasional dognap, the time came when the favorite blanket and an obviously over-used, not-so-squeaky toy were packed, and with a well-worn collar on, up into the truck we jumped, heading out into the world together hoping our new friendship would stand the test of time.

I wish to inform all that things couldn’t be any better between us, and an attachment to the hip has occurred. Howling individuals next door are non-existent, allowing for much-needed rest. And when we find ourselves apart for any amount of time, there is always a "So happy to see ya’" expressed on return.

It’s hard for me to put in words how much I appreciate and love what he has brought into my life. If I want to get out and stretch my legs, he’s there to join me. If I’m under the weather, he’s there to provide comfort, and it’s not uncommon that a tasty snack is shared.

The household also shelters two creatures of the feline nature; Tori, an elder female with a beautiful soft coat, and Marceau (a Sonsini shelter alumnus), an energized fellow who shares the king-sized bed with us most every night. After initially trampling all over me and learning of my displeasure, he now tiptoes around, disturbing no one underneath.

I hail the day that Jim Makowski walked in to adopt me. So many others still wait for the day like I had back in May. "Thanks dad." I mean, "Woof, woof."




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