Newtown had nothing to do with it

Monday April 22, 2013

Your April 17 editorial "Gun victims have rights, too" decries a statement by a person who attended the gun rights rally on Patriots Day. The statement reported in Adam Poulisse’s good and balanced article, was made by a Dalton woman who said the current efforts for gun control "Isn’t about dead children." I agree with her.

The recent national and state efforts to reduce peoples’ rights under the Second Amendment was generated by the shootings of Newtown. They, however, utterly fail to address the cause of Newtown and other killings in the U.S., which is severe mental illness. So the fact is, the current push to restrict gun purchases is not really about the killings at Newtown. It is well known, at least, in New York that Cuomo’s plan for gun control predated the shootings.

And no you cannot compare the US. to Scotland. Two completely different cultures and populations.

We know that most gun deaths occur disproportionately among the poor and inner city population. We also know the number of children killed every year by guns in these areas is more than 100 or more a year. So where is the liberal hew and cry for more support for the police, for economic development and mental health services in these areas? Dead silence. The administration, and Boston and those like the Eagle would rather slur law-abiding Americans.

"Yet in America we remain frozen in time, prisoners of an amendment crafted when farmers used muskets to shoot at Redcoats." And the editor remains frozen in his ignorance of history.




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