Next time, we will be far wiser

Friday March 22, 2013

The Iraq War’s 10-year anniversary is upon us. I am sickened remembering the tens of thousands of men, women and children wiped from this Earth for oil profits, empire building and corporate greed. What about the amputees and the brain injured? The war was based on our leaders’ lies and still we stay in Afghanistan as we waste more blood and treasure in yet another war.

Soldiers come home from such wars and commit suicide in record numbers. There is a code of silence around what they have seen and done on the battlefields.

We need to fund major amounts of money to help these veterans with the same zeal and urgency that propels us into senseless wars for profit. They need help right now, not after waiting on a long list for years. Post-traumatic stress disorder does not wait to do its damage.

When they are well, their stories should be told to us, the people they fought and died for. When we hear more of what they went through maybe the next time we won’t be so readily fooled into shaming our country again.




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