No aid for nations that demean women

Friday February 22, 2013

What Nina Nolin said about stopping violence against women in her Feb. 13 letter to the editor ("Global response to violence against women") was important because the problem exists in the Berkshires and throughout Western civilization. However, it is considered unacceptable by all societies with a Judeo/Christian moral history.

Throughout the Muslim world that is not the case. It is just the opposite. The violence there takes many sanctioned forms, denying women basic human rights based on the teachings in the Koran and other religious texts that include:

Encouraging men to control women; wife beating; forced female circumcision; forced female child marriage to much older men; virtual home imprisonment for disobedience; husband polygamy; little or no schooling for girls; mandatory wearing of head scarves or burkas; inequality under Sharia law.

Our government sends foreign aid to many Muslim countries with no strings attached. Congress should ameliorate much of this terrible ancient discrimination by stopping aid to countries that do not liberalize women’s right to be free of all forms of violence.

John Quincy Adams said, Islam "degrades the condition of the female sex," and Winston Churchill said, "In the Muslim law, every woman must belong to some man as his absolute property. It delays the final extinction of slavery until Islam has ceased to be a great power among men."


New Lebanon, N.Y.


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