No bail for South Egremont man who fought police, beat self bloody — again


PITTSFIELD — A South Egremont man, already facing charges of assaulting police officers, destroying property and defiling his holding cell, was arrested on similar charges Thursday night — less than two weeks after the previous incident.

Brad W. Lehmann, 29, of Main Street, was taken into custody after police found him standing in the middle of Creamery Road in Egremont about 8 p.m.

While policed attempted to place him into handcuffs, Lehmann allegedly began yelling that he was only out in the road trying to get help and couldn't find any and appeared to not know where he was.

Lehmann continued to be belligerent with officers as they escorted him into a cruiser and he began banging his head against the Plexiglas partition between the front and rear seats.

Officers attempted to calm Lehmann down, but he continued to beat his head against the Plexiglas and yell at police.

Great Barrington Police Patrolman Jonathan Finnerty wrote in his report he'd seen dozens of prisoners do the same thing, but "never able to strike with that much force."

Lehmann slammed his head so hard, he began bleeding profusely from his forehead, said police, who decided Lehmann needed to be taken to Fairview Hospital due to his, "intoxication-fueled, belligerent, violent state," according to Finnerty's report.

He continued to struggle and tried to bite police as Finnerty resorted to restraining Lehmann in a "bear-hug" inside the cruiser on the way to the hospital, according to court files.

He continued his erratic behavior while being escorted into the hospital, until he was handcuffed to a stretcher and sedated by hospital staff.

Lehmann appeared briefly in Central Berkshire District Court on Friday and was ordered held without bail by Judge William Rota until he can be arraigned Monday in Southern Berkshire District Court.

He faces two counts of assault and battery on a police officer and one count each of disorderly conduct and malicious destruction of property.

Lehmann has another open case in which he was allegedly found on the side of the road on Route 23 near the Green River area in Great Barrington shortly after midnight Dec. 8.

In that incident, Lehmann also allegedly became violent with officers, had to be forcibly placed into the back of a police vehicle and kicked at the door of the car once inside

He also allegedly smeared blood from a wrist wound around his holding cell and urinated in one of its corners, among other accusations.

In that case, Lehmann faces three counts of assault and battery on a police officer and one count each of larceny over $250, malicious destruction of property and disorderly conduct.

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