No logic behind quarantine plan

Tuesday February 26, 2013

This whole quarantined firewood thing is just outrageous (Eagle, Feb. 22). Please tell me how this is going to work.

Are the beetles just too lazy to fly from tree to tree and county to county and state to state? Are they just going to hitch a ride with a person who wants to heat their house with firewood? Are beetles from Hampshire County just waiting in the woods?

Do we set up Beetle Boarder Patrol (BBP) with people armed with big cans of Raid to stop the beetle penetration? Help me out, I am trying to understand.

Here's an idea, let's stop people from heating their houses with firewood so they have to pay more sales tax on the oil being delivered, and so the oil companies get richer.

That's the way to go, always squash the little guy. DAN BREAULT



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