No need for more coverage of crime

Monday January 28, 2013

I see that you announced a new feature called Pittsfield police log on Jan. 22. Do you not think that there is enough crime and violence in the paper already? And shouldn’t you wait until the "criminal" is proven guilty and not just charged with the alleged crime? Do you plan on writing a retraction if the "criminal" is exonerated of the charges so his name will be cleared of the allegations?

Not only is the name of the "criminal" printed in police logs but his home address is also shown, so innocent members of his family can be harassed. Yes, some will be found guilty in court, but then would be a better time to sensationalize the crime.

How is this for an idea? Add a section in the paper to cover only good news or good deeds being done by the many law-abiding citizens of Berkshire County. Yes, we love your paper, but we’re deeply depressed by the Eagle falling into the mold of other newspapers that can’t drum up enough news and insist on filling in with crime and violent news found on local police blotters.



New Lebanon, N.Y.


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