No verdict after first day of deliberations in Adam Lee Hall murder trial


SPRINGFIELD -- "We are not going to finish today."

That was the message contained in a note from jurors on Tuesday after a full day of deliberations in the Adam Lee Hall murder trial.

It was a day of waiting at the Hampden Superior Court for all involved, from the defendant to the lawyers to the friends and family of both the victims and Hall. The waiting was punctuated by two questions from the jury, which has to make its way through the 19 charges Hall is facing.

At a little after 11 a.m. the jury sent out a note asking for a definition of the word "damage" as it relates to the charge of witness intimidation.

The statute pertaining to this charge reads, in part, "whoever, directly or indirectly, willfully threatens, ... attempts or causes physical injury, emotional injury, economic injury or property damage to ... a witness or potential witness in a criminal investigation or proceeding" is guilty of that crime.

There are a total of six counts of witness intimidation related to three separate alleged incidents in this case.

Judge C. Jeffrey Kinder discussed the jury's question with Berkshire District Attorney David F. Capeless and Hall's attorney, Alan J. Black.

Black told the court the word isn't defined in the jury instructions they were given and no further definition should be provided.

Capeless felt that the jury hadn't been given enough information on what "injury" means in the law regarding that charge, since injury is defined not just as physical, but emotional or economic as well. He argued the instructions didn't provide the jury with the entire language of the criminal statute and that the court should give them more detailed instructions.

Kinder said he was "disinclined" to give the jury any more instructions on this, since, he said, the jury asked about "damage" and not "injury."

Kinder sent back a note to the jury explaining that the word damage in the applicable statute refers to property damage.

The jury continued deliberating and at about 3:30 p.m. sent out a second note in which they said they wouldn't be finishing that day. They also asked for a map of Berkshire County that showed Pittsfield, Becket and Lee. These are the three main towns where the alleged incidents occurred.

The three victims were allegedly kidnapped by Hall and his co-defendants from the Pittsfield apartment of David Glasser and Edward Frampton.

The men's remains were found buried in Becket. The Hells Angels clubhouse is located in Lee. Hall and his co-defendants were allegedly there in the days leading up to the killings and a day later.

The judge said he would not give the jury a map because none are in evidence and the jury must base its decisions solely on the evidence they have been given.

Because of the impending winter storm, the jury won't be deliberating again until Thursday.

The charges they must decide on include armed robbery, kidnapping, extortion by threat of injury, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, and intimidation of a witness. These relate to the July 2009 case in which its alleged Hall beat Glasser with a baseball bat and forced him to sign over his truck.

The charges from the 2010 case are kidnapping, possession of a firearm during a felony, intimidation of a witness, and conspiracy. In that incident, police say Hall masterminded a plot to discredit Glasser as a witness by setting him up in a fake armed robbery in upstate New York

The other 10 charges -- three counts of murder and kidnapping and four counts of witness intimidation -- are related to the August 2011 case.


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