No wiggle room for tax increases

Monday January 21, 2013

I just read the Massachusetts transportation officials options for raising money for road work. I drive a 5-year-old Matrix with 70,000 miles on it and I do not have the funds to replace it any time soon. I live on Social Security and pensions. I am fortunate that these add up to a reasonable income, but, using moderate figures, my state income tax will increase by $66, the mileage tax (based on 12,000 miles per year) will cost me $288, sales tax based on say $3,000 in taxable sales will cost me an additional $43.50 and the gas tax (based on my car averaging 30 mph) will cost me $120 for a total of $517.10. My Social Security (after Medicare) and my pension combined increased annually by $456 for a net decrease of $61.10. These proposed taxes have a greater impact on those with the lowest incomes. A person making $10 per hour certainly has no wiggle room in their budget to pay out another $500 or more per year.

Hopefully the powers to be will realize this and find another way to fund these much needed repairs and upgrades.




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