Not enjoying Time Warner dispute


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

I want my ShowTime back. This will be the second week of no Ray Donovan, with Homeland’s season starting in September.

Reading The Eagle on Thursday, August 8 and seeing that Time Warner’s second quarter’s net income jumped 87 percent just sickens me. For April-June Time Warner earned $771 Million or 81 cents per share; that’s up from $413 million or 42 cents per share a year ago. So while Time Warner is making all these millions, the consumer is not getting what they asked for. Yes, you do say we will see a credit on our bill until hopefully this gets resolved and in exchange we get Starz and Encore. If I wanted these channels I would have found a package that included them. I believe with this net income, agreements should be made to bring our channels back.

Oh how I love seeing Time Warner Cable advertisements on TV, they say "Enjoy better, guaranteed." Who are you

The DirecTV ultimate bundle is looking better all the time.




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