Not qualified to assess Israel

Wednesday January 30, 2013

Why does the Berkshire Eagle continue to provide its readers with anti-Israel drivel by commentators who demonstrate their ignorance and lack of qualifications in this field? The op-ed commentary by Leonard Quart on published on January 25 is just the latest in this unending stream of one-sided baseless remarks.

Mr. Quart notes in his opening paragraph admits that he is familiar with England but not really with Israel having visited the country only once and has barely any connections. Yet from his commentary he considers himself an expert on Israel, the peace process and predicting the future, all based on reading articles and watching movies. I am just amazed at the lack of quality control by your paper’s editors. I have visited Italy several times. I don’t speak Italian nor I have any demonstrated expertise in Italian politics. Will you now publish my commentary on Italian politics on a regular basis? I am prepared to read books about Italy and watch Italian movies and willing to quote from them too.

It’s appalling that you can’t find some competent people such as correspondent Clarissa Ward, who was recently on the Charlie Rose show, is familiar with the Middle East, and clearly knows what she is talking about, and publish some of their writings about the Middle East.

Please exercise some judgment in what you choose to publish. ARMIN STERNBERG

Lenox Dale


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