Nowhere man

Sunday November 25, 2012


I hereby apologize to all the United States citizens who voted in the recent election that nailed down some of our representatives and policies for at least the next two years. Just as I was fooled by George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and Karl Rove into believing that Sad dam Hussein had a stockpile of either nuclear missiles or un controllable poison gas, or both, so was I fooled by Mitt Romney and his money machine into believing he was going to be president of the United States.

Since I was not an admirer of any of the above people and voted for their opponents, I at least have that to console me as well as the election results that were mostly reassuring and spirit warming. The media seemed to be as mistaken as I was during the campaign, giving heed to the bombastic TV ads and speeches of the Republicans as if they had substance and truth and validity.

Every time one of Mitt Rom ney’s lies, damn lies and statistics was exposed to be untrue (all 917 of them, according to a blogger who kept count), it seemed as if potential voters took it all in stride and gave him enough backing to continue the farce. Romney continued in this vein throughout the campaign, saying he would erase the national debt even as he was not raising taxes. He kept saying he would immediately fill thousands of jobs without saying where the jobs would be coming from. He made no apologies for letting the ultra rich get away with minimum taxes while everybody else paid a fair share. With Romney as president, the only thing the rich had to fear was revolution and yet the masses kept their frustration to themselves.

The millionaires and billionaires dumped slightly more than $6 billion into the Republican war chests while the little people sent in sufficient dribs and drabs to keep the Obama campaign going.

You can’t help but wonder why the super rich poured so much money and support into the Republican Party and Mitt Romney specifically. Losing the race means nothing to these people personally. They have the same lifestyle now that they will always have no matter which way the country goes. They may shut down an estate somewhere and cut a few field hands and house servants, but it will be more of a political gesture than a serious change of lifestyle.

What these people want is the power to control the environment in which they and their various enterprises have thrived. They don’t want the superior force of a government that tells them what they can and cannot do.


Mitt Romney has played our financial and tax systems to his own personal tune. His fortune estimated to be somewhere around $200 million is secure for himself and his immediate family. All those sons and grandchildren have the kind of trust funds we would all like to have, but we are not as slick as Mitt Romney. He refused to reveal all those back tax returns because most people believe there were some years when he paid no taxes and might even have received rebates. Yet the public did not seem to be taking that in and he got away with it nimbly.

But all the while that I thought the public was not paying attention to the man and his record, some 62,215,182 of them were noting and eventually responding to it in spades. Some 58,879,936 went along with Romney and gave him their votes. So once again we have a country not quite split down the middle.

It is impossible to tell the percentage of people in this country whose prejudices are such that they either hate or mistrust Barack Obama simply because he is half black. They would not vote for him under any circumstances. The secret ballot has mostly positives but also a few negatives in that we cannot tell what the motive behind the vote might be.

Romney turned out to be all the negatives of which he was accused. He was for all things for all men depending on whom he was speaking to. His claims about his own accomplishments were so transparent that the public could see the falsity without an x-ray screen to help them. He took credit for saving the Olympics without mentioning the billion dollars that the federal government had allotted him for that purpose. He spurned Obamacare while he had signed off on its model, Romneycare. He claimed to have left Massa chusetts fiscally sound without mentioning the debt that Gov. Deval Patrick found on the books. He was for or against abortion rights when the wind was northeast or southwest. He was here and there and everywhere like the man on the stair who wasn’t there.

And the voters took him at his word and sent him back to nowhere.

Milton Bass is a regular Eagle


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